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vinyl and glycidyl esters of neocarboxylic acid equivalent to Cardura E10P series

The vinyl ester of neodecanoic acid is used as a co-monomer, along with vinyl acetate monomer, in the production of vinyl acetate-based polymer systems for a variety of applications, including interior and exterior coatings, adhesives and thermal insulation. This polymer system provides a cost-effective alternative to styrene and acrylic-based polymers and offers application properties such as: alkali, UV, scrub and chemical resistance; water repellency; and ease of application.

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Equivalent Cardura E10P is used as an intermediate for the manufacture of resins and polymers and for different chemical syntheses via reactions with its epoxide group. Its unique reaction characteristics and properties make Cardura E10P attractive for a wide variety of paint applications, particularly those based on polyesters, acrylics and epoxy resins.

Equivalent Cardura E10P is also used as a reactive diluent for epoxy resins based on bisphenol A, bisphenol F or blends of these two. Typical applications for Cardura E10P diluted resins are solvent-free coatings curing at ambient temperature and compositions for the civil engineering industry, including floorings and concrete repair compounds. Cardura E10P has good wetting characteristics and offers better crystallization resistance and improved chemical resistance in the diluted resin compared to many other diluents.



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