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Vinyl Copolymer resins (hydroxyl, chlorated) for Marine, package coating and ink

This series of terpolymer resins are polymerized mainly from vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate, Maleic Anhydrate, vinyl alcohol and etc; We can provide various such resins equivalent to DOW: VAGH, VMCH, VYHH, VMCA, VROH.

Benefical Features:
1.high molecular weight and high Tg, hard resins, good sandability;
2. good compatibility with many other resins, such as alkyd, PU, isocyanate resin, epoxy, melamine and carbamide resin.
3.formulat with other resins to improve the adhesion, flexibility, toughness, hardness and chemical resistance of coating.
4. They contain hydroxyl group in molecule, so they can crosslink in a thermoset coating system to provide better water and chemical resistance.

Typical applications:
Industrial maintenance and marine coatings, wood finishes, paper coatings,
metal decorative and container coatings, PVC/Steel plate adhesive, and as a binder in magnetic tape.



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