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FuncChem Photoinitiator 8191

Photoinitiator 8191 is a BAPO type versatile photoinitiator for radical polymerisation of unsaturated resins upon UV and near visible light exposure. With the below four advantages, Photoinitiator 8191 has successfully solved the problems that often frustrate formulators:

(1) Good performance of curing pigmented formulations, including Titanium Dioxide and carbon black.
(2) Good through-curing of thick coating film, provide coating film with good anti-scratch feature;
(3) Good performance in outdoor applications, it can be formulated with UV absorbers to gain good weather stability, while without harming the cure speed.
(4) To give a clean white appearance in contrast to the off-white color associated with other long wavelength absorption photoinitiators.
[Chemical name]: Bis(2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl)-phenylphosphineoxide
[Structural formula]:

[Molecular weight]:  418.5
[Purity:] ≥ 99.0


  1. Wood coatings and wood fillers;
  2. UV Powder Coatings;
  3. Glass Fiber Composites and Gel coat;
  4. Pigmented Top Coats on Plastic and Metal
  5. Adhesives, Etch Resists and other electronic applications;
  6. Printing Inks: Offset, flexo and screen ink, inkjet;

The recommended concentration range is from 0.5 to 1.5%, increasing with the pigment loading. A blend of Photoinitiator 8191 and an additional photoinitiator, such as IRGACURE 184, is recommended to get a balance of surface cure and through cure.      (updated:2008-12-16)



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