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1,5- naphthalene diisocyanate, NDI


Chemical name:

1,5-naphthalene diisocyanate

CAS number:


Molecular formula:


Structural formula:

Molecular weight:


Boiling point:

183 °C

Melting point


Freezing point:

128-130 °C

Flash point:


Specific gravity:

1.45 at 20 °C


White to pale yellow solid

1,5-naphthalene diisocyanate (NDI) has rather high melting point, PU synthesized from NDI has the following advantages:
High hardness; good resilience; good thermal-resistance; excellent dynamic properties and good abrasion resistance.
It can be used in conditions under which normal polyurethane cannot meet the requirements and prone to be worn out, such as under conditions of high temperature or oily. Therefore it is often used as raw material for producing high-grade polyurethane.



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