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Photoinitiator 369

Photoinitiator 369 is a highly efficient alpha-amino acetophenone photoinitiator especially suitable for pigmented (non-white) systems, photoresists and printing plates.
Photoinitiator 369 combines fast curing in dark colours, low migration and reduced odour under UV exposure. It can be used in combination with other photoinitiators to overcome oxygen inhibition, in particular in novel UV inkjet formulations.

[Chemical name]: 2-Benzyl-2-(dimethylamino)-1-[4-(4-morpholinyl)phenyl]-1-butanone  [Structural formula]:

[CAS number]:           119313-12-1
[Molecular weight]:  366.5





Pale yellow powder



Melting Point. ℃


Absorption (nm)

232, 323


PHOTOINITIATOR 369 can be used alone or in combination with suitable coinitiators, such as PHOTOINITIATOR 184 and PHOTOINITIATOR 651, for UV curable inks and varnishes applied on paper, metal and plastic materials.
Its high activity makes it especially suitable for UV curable inks.
Applications in the graphic arts (e.g. offset and screen inks, printing plates, etc.) and in the electronics industry (e.g. photoresists, solder masks, etc.) may also be of interest.



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