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Aldehyde resin

Description: Condensation product of urea and aliphatic aldehydes

Feature & Application: Pale, yellowing-resistant aldehyde resin is soluble in almost all paint solvents and compatible with practically all coating raw materials. Its main uses are combination with other resin binders and the production of all-purpose pigment pastes.

Polyketone resin

ketone resin is a highly light-fast and rigid resin with slight color and non-toxic. It is soluble in all other solvents commonly used in coating industry, except for aliphatic hydrocarbons and water. It is also compatible with many resins widely used in coatings and inks. It can remarkably improve the gloss, adhesion, wetting, film hardness and solid content, and reduce the system viscosity. When used in adhesive, it can improve the initial adhesion, especially the lasting adhesion.

  • Mainly used in ink, coating, adhesive, nail enamel, and electrostatic imagery.
  • Colorless, transparent, neutral and non-toxic, with extensive compatibility and solubility.
  • Notably improve the wetting, adhesion, gloss, hardness and aging resistance of your products.

We have a range of aldehyde resins and ketone resins, which are similar to that of BASF Laropal A81, A101, K80, Degussa (Evonik) CA resin and etc; we can also supply some tailored such resins with softening range around 80-100, 110, 120. For TDS or other information please just email us.





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