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Antioxidant 1222

Chemical name:  Diethyl 1,3,5-3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxy benzyl phosphate
Chemical structure:

Molecular formula:   C19H33 O4P
CAS No.             976-56-7 
Molecular weight:    356
Appearance: white or yellowish crystal powder.
Solubility:   solubility in 100ml of solvent:
Acetone 27; methanol 62; benzene 33; chloroform 50; water 0.01 

This product can be used in the production and processing of polyester fiber, it can effectively prohibit the thermal ageing and degradation, substitute the poisonous catalyst antimony oxide. Because antioxidant 1222 won’t decrease the reaction speed and won’t react with catalyst residue, it will inhibit the degradation of polyester melt caused by thermal oxidation, in turn it can effectively inhibit the discoloring of polymer and keep its viscosity stable.
This product can also be used in the storage and transportation of Dimethyl Terephthalate to avoid yellowing.




Loss on heating: %       ≦


Melting point (℃)       ≧


Fineness (100mesh sieve) % ≦




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